What are the upgrade requirements for trade show installers?

ANSWER:Click Here

Where are the classes?

ANSWER:Garden Grove and San Diego

What are the class descriptions?

ANSWER:Go here and click class title for requirements or View all class decriptions on one form

Where is a training schedule that I can print out?

ANSWER:Monthly PDF Schedules are here

Where is the Local 831 website?

ANSWER:Local 831 Official Website

Do I have to be a union member to attend the classes?

ANSWER:Yes, you must be a current member

Where can I get specialty tools?

ANSWER: Go to the Resources page for links/info.


What are the requirements to join the Tradeshow Apprenticeship?

1. Applicants must be at least 18 years or older.
2. Applicants MUST submit a valid state issued Driver's License or ID, a Social Security Card, and either a High School Diploma, G.E.D. or Sealed Transcripts when applying. All documents must be the ORIGINAL.
3. Applicants are required to pass an Entrance Evaluation and a Drug Test to be accepted into the program.

How long is the Apprenticeship Program?

ANSWER:The term of Apprenticeship shall be 3,600 on the job training hours and 480 Related and Supplemental Instruction hours within 36 months.

Do I get paid to attend classes?

ANSWER:Required school time shall not be compensated.

How do I become a Tradeshow Installer Apprentice?

ANSWER: We have open enrollment once to twice a year (appointment only). Please contact the Training Center at 714-894-4094 ext.20 in order to set up an appointment or to be put on the waiting list.

Is there a sample of the Entrance Evaluation?

ANSWER:We don't have a sample math test, but we highly recommend that you study before you come take the test. It will mostly consist of fractions and decimals. We recommend the following websites to help study with. khanacademy.org and mathisfun.com

What if I fail one of the tests?

ANSWER:If you fail the Entrance Evaluation or the Drug Test, you will not be accepted into the program during that period.

How long is the Entrance Evaluation Test?

ANSWER:You are given an hour to take the Evaluation Test

What if I can't find my High School Diploma/GED?

ANSWER:Official Sealed transcripts from your High School or place of education are acceptable. You may obtain Official Sealed Transcripts by contacting the school district in which you attended. They do have to be OFFICIAL SEALED transcripts. We cannot let you apply if you do not have the ORIGINAL Document or Official Sealed Transcript (No Copies will be accepted)

How do I get a pay increase?

ANSWER:An Apprentice is eligible for a pay increase every 180 days. The Apprentice must have also successfully completed 600 on the job (OJT) hours and 80 hours Related Supplemental Instruction. If an Apprentice does not pass the class, they will not get their advancement.

Where can I download the OJT Form?

ANSWER:You can download it right here at this link - OJT FORM


updated May 5, 2017